From Idea to Intention: This ‘Me’ of Mine

Peripheral Vision (c)2010 David Minton

Peripheral Vision (c)2010 David Minton, oil on canvas, 152.4 x 121.9 cm, courtesy the artist

It takes a great deal of fortitude in the initial moments of moving from idea to intention.  It’s akin to jumping off the cliff in full swan extension.  Well, that’s how I felt at least when I made the decision to turn my idea into intention.  It started with this painting.  I had approached Aly Helyer about possibly showing her ink on paper works months earlier, but it was Peripheral Vision which made me certain I wanted to bring this show together.

David’s painting expresses so much of the philosophy behind the premise of this exhibition in an elegant understatement.  The bird, inextricably bound to its shadow, suspended forever in a fall and bound on both sides by delicate lines almost imperceptible but constraining nonetheless.  It is an expression of a weightless existence outlined by boundaries.

This is the very essence of my enquiry as curator; are we forever bound by our context or can we effect change in a context which defines and shapes us?

The artists in this exhibition are exploring this notion in their own ways within their practices.  Some interact with digital media and question the effects it has on our identity and physical being, some look at the effects of aging seeing strength in vulnerability, some regard objects and uniform as profound signifiers of personal meaning and identity, questioning the relationship we have with objects.  Presence and transience is also evident in many of the works.  It is a presence which is likely to be global now in scope thanks to social media, but which is so fleeting all we can hope for is a moment to exclaim our existence; our fifteen minutes of fame has turned into seconds.

I’ll talk about these works, the artists and the exhibition over the coming weeks in this blog.  Do let us know if you have any comments about what you see and read in these posts, we would be happy to hear from you.  If you would like to follow this blog and the development of This ‘Me’ of Mine, scroll down to the bottom of the page and give us your email address to receive updates or click the link to follow us on Twitter.

If you would be interested in hosting this exhibit or supporting its realization in other ways, you can contact me at thismeofmine[at]

Jane Boyer

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4 thoughts on “From Idea to Intention: This ‘Me’ of Mine

  1. robpixaday says:


    I’m looking forward to seeing this.

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  3. […] From Idea to Intention: This ‘Me’ of Mine Peripheral Vision (c)2010 David Minton, oil on canvas, 152.4 x 121.9 cm, courtesy the artist […]

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