Exhibition News for Julie Cockburn

Flowergirl (c)2012 Julie Cockburn

Flowergirl (c)2012 Julie Cockburn, Altered found photograph, 24.5x20cm, courtesy the artist

Julie Cockburn who is exhibiting ‘Archive 1’ Triptych in This ‘Me’ of Mine  has some other shows coming up which may interest you.  See the list below for more information.

24 February – 24 March 2012

Flowers New York
529 West 20th Street
New York
NY 10011

Group show of gallery artists.



26 February – 25 March 2012

Galerie Ramakers
Toussaintkade 51
2513 CL Den Haag

Alongside his solo show at the gallery, Joncquil is curating a show of works by artists whose practice in some way reflects or inspires his own.

Artists:  Avner Ben Gal, Julie Cockburn, Bas de Wit, Kati Heck, Thomas van Linge.



8 March – 18 May 2012

Salisbury Art’s Centre
Bedwin Street
Wiltshire SP1 3UT

Artists:  Richard Box, Elaine Breen, Doug Clark, Julie Cockburn, Roger Hiorns, Nick Mobbs, Bouke de Vries, Daphne Wright.

Curated by Karen MacDonald.

In the book of Genesis, Lot’s Wife was transformed into a pillar of salt because of a moment of disobedience or lack of faith.  She lost her humanness but became immortal as a symbol.

Like Lot’s Wife, the works in this exhibition have undergone a mysterious transformation.  Familiar objects and materials have been modified or misused but a hint of their former identity remains.  The results are startling, funny, poignant and unsettling.


Visit Julie’s website to see more of her fascinating work.

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