‘Beyond Painting – The Dream of Arcadia’ by Anthony Boswell is Choice Blog on a-n Artists Talking

I’m very pleased to announce Anthony Boswell’s blog, Beyond Painting – The Dream of Arcadia has been chosen by Andrew Bryant, editor of Artists Talking, as Choice Blog for April 2012.

Painting G (c) 2012 Anthony Boswell

Painting G, (c)2012 Anthony Boswell, acrylic on canvas

Bryant says, “I like a man who sticks to his guns, who knows himself well enough to know what matters to him and what doesn’t. To arrive at a place like this and stay put takes time, close attention and a strong will – to resist the empty promise of the always new…Like Morandi, he pursues one thing and keeps pursuing it, until what remains is the pursuit itself, in the form of longing. And what attends longing, of course, is loss. Morandi, maybe, was no stranger to loss, to disappointment, and I would hazard a guess Boswell is likewise acquainted with that Master.”

This is Anthony’s post #29 from his blog, it is a particularly poignant description of his point of view:

# 29 [23 March 2012]
Thanks to Sam Bell once again for the comments on my work. Yes, it is important that art comes first, finding that visual correlation between life and the work is what allows the process to bridge that gap and allows for the ambiguity to exist, further enhancing the possibilities of the paintings to take one into personal places by way of actual experience.This week, taking time to be calm in the house, to wander through the incoming and transient light, has allowed me to find a place that can work in painting. It is the result of days of waiting and looking, sometimes listening, that makes it possible to suddenly see something that has potential, that speaks to me. Often, this happens in the most exact of places, this time I was required to lower my eye level to see what was being revealed in a mirror that had been placed against the wall. It was going back to that place at different times of the day, in different light, that reveals a general emotion of experiences that are hidden there. I have been able to make just three quick visual notes of the spot to help give me a feel of what is going on there. The time is now here when I can keep going back, look at the empty space of the small canvas, and feel my way into the visual correlative that Sam talks about. It is moving from the life witnessed to the art, for the painting to take over, for the conversation between canvas and myself to take place, and in doing so, in letting this process happen naturally, the experience I had as I knelt in the room, everything I felt, saw and heard will be translated into an experience that can be felt by the viewer via the ambiguity set up in the paint and on its surface.
'Out of Ennui' sketch 1 (c)2012 Anthony Boswell

'Out of Ennui' sketch 1 (c)2012 Anthony Boswell, Pencil on paper

'Out of Ennui' sketch 2 (c)2012 Anthony Boswell

'Out of Ennui' sketch 2 (c)2012 Anthony Boswell, Ink on paper

'Out of Ennui' sketch 3 (c)2012 Anthony Boswell

'Out of Ennui' sketch 3 (c)2012 Anthony Boswell, Ink and pencil on paper

Out of Ennui (c)2012 Anthony Boswell

Out of Ennui (c)2012 Anthony Boswell, Acrylic on canvas

Read more of Anthony’s blog and visit his website.

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