Lineup Change

Archive 1 (c)2010 Julie Cockburn

Archive 1 (c)2010 Julie Cockburn

This news is bittersweet.  Julie Cockburn is doing so well in her practice and her calendar is so jam-packed with exhibitions,  she has had to make the decision to leave This ‘Me’ of Mine.  It is with joy for her and sadness for me that we say good-bye.  However, the short time we have worked together on this project has been wonderful.  I have been delighted to announce her on-going exhibition activity here on the blogsite and have been amazed by each successive opportunity which came Julie’s way.  She is on her way to the top and I wish her all the best!

Untitled 30-5-11, (c)2011 Darren Nixon

Untitled 30/5/11, (c)2011 Darren Nixon, oil on canvas

As sorry as I am to see Julie go, I am equally pleased to welcome Darren Nixon to the project.  Darren is based in Manchester  and has a studio full of smashing work!  His paintings are dreamlike in their delicacy and deliver a punch to the solar-plexus in their poignancy.  His figures don’t quite inhabit their skin yet their body-language reveals how they sense themselves in their off-kilter world; I deliberately don’t use the words ‘find themselves’ because Darren’s characters aren’t supported by a history which allows them ‘to find’, they’ve been dropped in situ and react.  They both meld with and impose themselves on their environment in a full force sensory experience similar to a lucid dream.  It’s an awkward existence, much like many of our own.  You can see more of Darren’s work on Axis.

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2 thoughts on “Lineup Change

  1. Dave says:

    Well done Julie and welcome Darren.

    Everything is transient.

    • janeboyer says:

      Thanks David. Darren is away on holiday at the moment but I know he is very excited to be in the exhibition and I’m sure he will appreciate your welcome.

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