Venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine Announced!

Fall seven times, stand up eight.  ~Japanese Proverb

The search for venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine has been one of the biggest challenges so far in this project.  The hours spent writing proposals often ended in failed deliveries, delayed deliveries, deliveries made without a breath to spare, rejection after rejection and sometimes a deafening silence from the other end…

Thanks to support from everyone involved in this project, and some good friends on the sidelines, I was able to stand up after each failed attempt and move forward.  My sincere thanks to each and everyone of you for your generous support, encouragement and suggestions!

Without further ado, the venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine are:

A.P.T. Gallery, Deptford

Strange Cargo/Georges House Gallery, Folkestone

Colchester/Ipswich Museum, Ipswich

I am very proud to be working with these venues and my sincere thanks to each one for selecting This ‘Me’ of Mine.  Each venue is engaged in valuable work for their communities and in bring substantial and important art to their constituents.  It is an honour to selected.

Find more details about the venues on the VENUES page.

Exhibition dates have been reserved for Spring of 2013 and will be announced in the new year.

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2 thoughts on “Venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine Announced!

  1. codedimages says:

    I am very much looking forward to seeing the work in this context and how it changes from one exhibition space to another.

    • janeboyer says:

      So am I. The venue spaces are vastly different from each other and will pose some particular challenges to curating the exhibition. Each space brings its own ‘personality’ and this change in context for the exhibition I’m certain will offer fascinating interpretations. I’m just really excited at the moment!

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