Dr Gregg, Art Pie and Kaleidoscope Gallery

This ‘Me’ of Mine has some new partners and participants to announce.

Dr Aiden GreggI am very pleased to introduce Dr Aiden Gregg, lecturer and member of the Personality and Social Psychology Research Group and the Centre for Research on Self & Identity (CRSI) at the University of Southampton.  Dr Gregg will be a panellist on the symposium and he brings a fascinating element to the panel in his interest in the phenomenon of self-enhancement.  his current research asks if the motive to verify one’s identity exists.  Read more about him and his work on the SYMPOSIUM  page.

Art Pie logoI’m very proud to report Art Pie is now our media partner! You may have seen some of the essays I’ve written for Art Pie on topics related to This ‘Me’ of Mine.  You can now find the growing list of essays on the new ESSAYS page.  While you’re there pop over to the SPONSORS page to find out more about Art Pie.  Stay tuned, a new essay is coming soon to Art Pie on value and purpose in relation to the upcoming interview with Kate Murdoch, What Are You Prepared to Give in Exchange?

Kent County Council logoAnd last but certainly not least, I’m very honoured to announce we have a fourth venue – Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery! Kaleidoscope Gallery is a beautiful contemporary space run by Kent County Council and is situated within the same building as the library and museum in Sevenoaks.  This serves to break-down the traditional barriers between these cultural institutions bringing innovative contemporary art to new audiences.

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