Dr Emma Bond joins the Symposium

Dr Emma BondI’m very pleased to announce Dr Emma Bond, sociologist and senior lecturer at University Campus Suffolk, has accepted my invitation to complete the Symposium panel. Her expertise focuses on child centred research, especially in on-line and new media environments. Her research has been extensive and she has a string of publications to her credit, here are some examples:

Bond, E. (2010) ‘Managing mobile relationships – Children’s perceptions of the impact of the mobile phone on relationships in their everyday lives’ in Childhood Vol. 17 no. 4 pp. 514-529.

Bond, E. (2010) ‘The mobile phone = bike shed? Children, sex and mobile phones’ in New Media & Society Vol. 13 no. 4 pp. 587-604

Bond, E. Book review Children and the Internet. Great Expectations, Challenging Realities in Telecommunications Policy (forthcoming)

Dr Bond is also and active conference presenter, here are some conferences she was involved in last year:

Are we mastering creative assessment or is the writing on the wall? With Stuart Agnew and Jessica Clark presented at Assimilate Conference: Assessing students at Masters Level The Rosebowl, Leeds Metropolitan University September, 2012.

Life After Death by Powerpoint: students’ experiences of creativity in Higher education presented at International Journal of Arts and Sciences (IJAS) Conference Paris April 2012 with Jessica Clark.

An ecological approach to enhance quality in technology enhanced learning presented at the ALD in HE conference Leeds April 2012 with Tim Goodchild.

Rhetoric, Risk and Self-Identity – An ethnographic study of academics’ perceptions of e-learning at a UK university presented at the Annual British Sociological Association Conference Leeds in April 2012.

Read more about Dr Emma Bond here.

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