Annabel Dover, Hayley Harrison & David Riley News

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Annabel Dover: Dark Starlit Heaven Residency at Aid & Abet

Annabel Dover’s residency, Dark Starlit Heaven, started earlier this week as part of Aid & Abet’s Temporary Residency in the House at Kettle’s Yard. She will be drawing with silverpoint – a form of drawing that was popular in the 1400s. A silver stylus touches the gesso surface to create an image. The drawing darkens as the silver tarnishes. Dover’s drawings focus on the objects that have personal stories attached to them, real or imagined. This is a great opportunity to witness an artist at work and find out more about this fascinating drawing process. Find out more from Aid & Abet

Familiar, 2012 Hayley Harrison

Hayley Harrison: Familiar selected for Lynn Painter-Stainers exhibition

Hayley Harrison’s painting, Familiar, has been selected for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Exhibition at the Mall Galleries from Monday 18th February – 2nd March. Find out more about this year’s selections and see the 98 works chosen at Lynn Painter-Stainers

Hayley works predominantly with painting, but also uses drawing and text. Her work currently questions what ‘Home’ is, in both a physical and psychological sense. Recent paintings invoke a sense of timelessness and absence. She is interested in how we recognise ourselves in the quiet moments that surround objects and place.

Secret Story, 2012 David RileyDavid Riley’s Secret Story at West Ox Arts Gallery

David’s work is part the West Ox Arts Gallery exhibition Secrets & Stories, until Jan 27. See a video of the exhibition here.

“Using a cipher, a secret can be shared in plain sight. Knowledge of the key will reveal the secret to the chosen few. With time and resources, the key may be discovered and the secret revealed beyond the intended audience. Once deciphered and revealed the story contained within the secret can be read as-if intended for all to see!”  David Riley

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