David Riley’s Updated TUNC, Aly Helyer in ‘Soul Meat’, Sandra Crisp Wins Eaton Fund Grant, David Minton: Cradling of Loss

Twitter user names: coded and transcribed (c)2013 David Riley

Twitter user names: coded and transcribed, (c)2013 David Riley

David Riley has updated his Twitter piece for This ‘Me’ of Mine. The list of followers has grown so much since he first conceived of the piece, it required some rethinking for presentation. I’m delighted with the new results! David plans to update and grow this work with each venue installation of the tour. So if you haven’t yet followed @codedimages here is the link so you can add your twitter name to the list and become part of this artwork. See the virtual Twitter User Names – Coded

Sinnerman (c)2013 Aly Helyer

Sinnerman, (c)2013 Aly Helyer

Aly Helyer is exhibiting in ‘Soul Meat’ curated by Lee Maelzer, at Lion and Lamb Gallery until Feb 16.

“These painters take a dark look at the body and the mind – a conflict between the intellectual and the spiritual, with the corporeal and all it suggests resulting at times in comically grotesque hybrid mutations….”

“If it’s true there exists a realm, in the relations of soul and body, where cause and effect, determinism and expression still intersect in a web so dense that they actually form only one and the same movement which cannot be dissociated except after the fact…”

Michael Foucault from Madness and Civilization

See more of Aly latest work on her website.

Eaton Fund logoSandra Crisp has been awarded a grant from the Eaton Fund.

“The grant will be used to fund the printing and framing of a large format digital print ‘The Bigger Picture’ for forthcoming UK touring exhibition This ‘Me’ of Mine 2013. This kind assistance is extremely welcome at this point in my career as the costs involved in producing such large works for public exhibition have proved to be extremely challenging in recent times.”

Sandra Crisp

Read Sandra’s ‘Thank You’ to the Eaton Fund.

Pigeon and Line, (c)2011 David Minton

Pigeon and Line, (c)2011 David Minton

David Minton is preparing for a solo exhibition at Trinity Town and Country Foundation Gallery in Tunbridge Wells.

See Cradling of Loss 26 Feb to 9 Mar.

“In David Minton’s drawings and paintings flowers die, birds fall to earth, the work arrives; the making of the images is a cradling of loss. These works are small instances of tension created from the impossibility of description, the incompleteness of experience, the wish for resolution. In the making, the physicality of paint, the elegance of line, offer tactile comfort.”

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