Successful Opening at APT

“It always amazes me how much better works of art are as artifacts, not as digital copies. We forget, especially [with] photographs.”

this 'Me' of Mine APT PV image

Photo by: Rosie Hervey

What a wonderful evening! we had a great turn out of around 100 visitors, despite the stomach bug going around. People were open, receptive and incredibly encouraging. Our PV guests were varied and various; I was delighted that Duncan Brannan from Kaleidoscope Gallery, the third venue on our tour was there. We had a chance to put a face to the emails! We saw old friends, friends we only knew in the ether, and new friends whom we’d just met.

“Love the sense of space and the generosity given to each piece…very engaging, questioning. High quality work, interesting curating. Good to be actively drawn in to conversations with the artists.”

This 'Me' of Mine APT PV image

Photo by: Rosie Hervey

Our first ‘Artists in Conversation’ went over really well with about 50 people gathered to listen to what we might have to say about ‘Detail’. It was a casual discussion and our guests joined in, asking us some great questions. The artists who participated, Kate Murdoch, Sandra Crisp and Shireen Qureshi really enjoyed the discussion and the conversational nature of it. Kate said it made her think more closely about her work.

“Absolutely – there is a great deal of freshness in the approach to all the work here that is wonderful to see.”

this 'Me' of Mine APT PV image

Photo by: Jane Boyer

My colleagues and dear friends, Sarah Hervey and Helen Scalway and I announced the formation of our new organisation: Associated Artists Curators and Writers (AACW). This organisation, formed to further independent practice in the arts, has come about through the experience of developing This ‘Me’ of Mine. I made an appeal to everyone that night to help us gather information to develop the organisation further, and people very graciously filled in our questionnaires with great enthusiasm – people were gathered around the counter writing way with great determination!

“I really valued the curator’s presentation and the words of the artists. Gallery spaces can be quite ‘clinical’ and imposing – friendly, stimulating and enjoyable exhibition. Thanks all around.”

It was a great launch, a great twitter day with tweets flying, and our best day so far for views on the blog, surpassing the day the blog was launched over a year ago. Thanks to everyone who came, we look forward to seeing you in Folkestone!

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