This ‘Me’ of Mine welcomes Dr Catherine Horan to the symposium panel and we have our first review!

Catherine Horan imageI’m very pleased to announce the participation of Dr Catherine Horan, sociologist and lecturer at University Campus Suffolk, to the symposium panel. Dr Horan will be replacing Dr Emma Bond. Dr Horan, who has been recommended highly by Dr Bond, brings a fascinating mix of professional interests in social media communications, work with children, identity and adult abuse survivors, and drama. Read more about Dr Horan on the SYMPOSIUM page.

By the way, Dr Horan has just sent in her essay for the companion book, This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age – it’s fab! I’m thrilled by all the essays in the book, I hardly have the patience to wait until it’s done. I’ll be sharing more information on the book soon.

We have our first review!

Anna McNay has written a beautiful review for her art criticism blog, art-Corpus. Follow that link to the review or check out a preview on the PRESS page. Here’s an excerpt from her review:

“There is a lot of grey in this exhibition, and no, that’s not just me bringing in the unseasonal chill from a sleeting Deptford creekside. In David Minton’s Peripheral Vision (2010), for example, which places a falling bird and its shadow on an otherwise empty canvas, the shadow of the non-contextual space hangs heavier than that of the unidentified bird. Similarly, the school class of Darren Nixon’s Untitled 30-5-11 (2011) scarcely manages to emerge from the lurking and almost sinisterly enclosing grey-black behind. The sense of transient youth and the hopeless promise of becoming, the acquisition of identity, and the incidental creation of memory, is something we can all relate to if we recall this annual “rite of passage” of posing awkwardly and being captured for posterity, usually in a most unflattering gurn.”


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