We’re off to Folkestone!

This 'Me' of Mine at APT Gallery (c)2013 Arnold Borgerth

This ‘Me’ of Mine at APT Gallery Photo: Arnold Borgerth

Our time is up at APT Gallery

– it seems as unreal to me as when we moved in and I was getting used to being in the same space as the works. The time I’ve spent invigilating the show has had a timeless quality; often feeling too short and at times feeling like an age. The length of time had nothing to do with being bored either, I’ve had far too much work to keep up with to be bored. Rather, it was more like feeling suspended between the reality of daily encounters and living with these works in this space.

APT is a generous space, it feels welcoming and comforting just being within the walls of the gallery;I could spend a lot of time here. Liz May, the gallery manager, and the studio artists at APT have been friendly, helpful and generous with their time, taking the time to engage with This ‘Me’ of Mine and taking time to talk with me about the show, the work, and the curation. It has been an absolute pleasure to inhabit APT Gallery for these few short weeks. My thanks to everyone at APT and thanks to Victoria Rance for all the lovely tweets!

We’re off to Folkestone!

Strange Cargo georges house gallery

You are warmly invited to the opening of…


Glass Menagerie by Cathy Lomax  Photo: Sarah Doyle

Glass Menagerie by Cathy Lomax Photo: Sarah Doyle

12 April to 7 May 2013

PV: 12 April, 6-9pm

‘Artists in Conversation’, 6-7pm night of PV

Georges House Gallery
8 The Old High Street
Kent  CT20 1RL
Exhibition Hours:
Mon to Sat, 10 to 5pm


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