We’re off to Sevenoaks!

What a trip it has been in Folkestone!

This 'Me' of Mine Installation at Georges House Gallery Photo: J. Boyer

This ‘Me’ of Mine Installation at Georges House Gallery Photo: J. Boyer

Folkestone has to be one of the coolest, funkiest towns in the UK. It has real soul and even though it has seen more prosperous times, it is clear the people who live here love their community and do their best to keep it alive and kicking – kick it does!

It has been such a pleasure inhabiting Georges House Gallery for the past month, Brigitte, Lucy and  Rachel of Strange Cargo, the film guys upstairs, Ewan & Peter, and belle Katie have been supportive, helpful and thoughtful – in short wonderful! Their efforts to bring in volunteer invigilators so I could have a few days break from the gallery was very gratefully received. Thanks so much to Simeon, Lauren and John who came in and tended shop for me. And Thank you to everyone who came to see This ‘Me’ of Mine. It was evident from the way visitors were asking questions, they were delighted and surprised to have an exhibition of this calibre come to Folkestone. Their kind and open reception to This ‘Me’ of Mine has made my stay here a very welcome one.

I hope very much to come back to Folkestone and work with Strange Cargo again.

We’re off to Sevenoaks!

This 'Me' of Mine invitaion to Kaleidoscope Gallery

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