Vandalism in the Time of Austerity

I wish this was the title of a novel, but unfortunately Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery and Museum was vandalised last week. Cathy Lomax’s Glass Menagerie was singled out in the gallery, but several exhibits in the museum were damaged. Thankfully, only a few glass animals were broken in Cathy’s piece so the damage was not great, but the description in the local headline news of a ‘smashed art display’ was very unsettling.

Kaleidoscope has suffered budget cuts like so many other venues recently. This incident is indicative of a failure in the vigilance system due to a lack of personnel. While the vandals were captured on CCTV video, no one witnessed this happening and the teenagers were not apprehended. The police are investigating and Cathy’s piece has been temporarily removed from the exhibition.

On a happier note, we received a very thoughtful review on a-n Interface from Trevor Smith last week. He and I exchanged a few tweets on the event of its publication on Interface, it was lovely to receive this reply from Trevor:

trevorhsmith@trevors_myth 11 Jun

@ThisMeofMine It was a pleasure to write, got me thinking for sure, and so pleased to have your blessing!

We also received a mention from Becky Huff Hunter earlier this month on her contributions to This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age. Becky has written a wonderful critical essay on This ‘Me’ of Mine as ‘distributed practice’, you will definitely want to read this. She has also interviewed me for This ‘Me’ of Mine, our interview will be coming up later in the summer.

Also, I just saw Susan Eyre’s post ‘Time and e-motion’ back from April when she and I had a very uneasy discussion on what the future holds, it was as she said, “one of those conversations where you end up in a silence of contemplation”. Despite the uneasy subject of our conversation, it was a delight to meet Susan.

See these and other reviews and mentions on our PRESS page

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