Ipswich Dates

CIMs Logo I’m so pleased to announce our dates for the final venue of the This ‘Me’ of Mine tour – Ipswich Art School Gallery at Colchester and Ipswich Museum Services. The guest artists have been invited, works have been selected, curatorial plans are sent and preparations are under-way! On behalf of all the artists and Colchester+Ipswich Museum, we hope you will join us for the expanded This ‘Me’ of Mine exhibition and a broadened exploration of identity in relation to the context of our digital age.

Experience, (c)2013 Shireen QureshiExhibition Dates:
21st September 2013 to 5th January 2014

Saturday 21st September, 2 to 5pm

Artists in Conversation:
2 to 3pm the afternoon of the opening

Guest Artists:
Molly Behagg
Edward Chell
Kate Elliott
Suzanne de Emmony
Andrew Litten
Gary Mansfield
Helen Scalway
Lisa Snook
Jacqueline Utley
Kai-Oi Jay Yung

page for more info.

Anthony Boswell
Jane Boyer
Sandra Crisp
Annabel Dover
Hayley Harrison
Aly Helyer
Sarah Hervey
Cathy Lomax
David Minton
Kate Murdoch
Darren Nixon
Edd Pearman
Shireen Qureshi
David Riley
Melanie Titmuss


The Study of Peter Pan, Untitled 8, (c)2013 Kate Elliott

The Way He Liked Me to Look, (C)2011-2013 Cathy Lomax

The Way He Liked Me to Look, (C)2011-2013 Cathy Lomax

Oh that’s lovely news, I’d be delighted to exhibit in This ‘Me’ Of Mine.  I thought the show at APT was extremely poignant, Cathy Lomax’s piece still twinkles in my memory. The show is going from strength to strength, it’s brilliant!

Lisa Snook

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