Blue Mythologies

Blue Mythologies by Carol MavorCarol Mavor’s latest book, Blue Mythologies: Reflections on a Colour, has just been released. This series of explorations of the colour blue presents readings which are at once sociological, literary, historical and visual, taking the reader from the blue of a new-born baby’s eyes to the films of Jarman and Kieslowski.

It also features Iris’ Stocking, by Annabel Dover.

Find out more and purchase the book through our bookshop.

Annabel’s work will be in another book soon; our own This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age is in production. Mavor’s beautiful fairytale, Like Weeds, written for Annabel will be included in the book. Here’s a short excerpt:

At an early age, Annabel began composing her own nomenclature for the colour blue. Her tiny, densely nature-rich, taxonomically inscribed world was a blue marble writ large: like the earth itself. Annabel’s village was famed for its kindly Giant. He was nearly seven feet tall and weighed over twenty-three stone. He was strong. He was gentle. Children loved him. When he walked down the street, you could hear the children in peals of giggles chiming in with his roaring, big laugh. The Giant would carry boys and girls, three to a shoulder, begging them to kick him harder so that he could feel it. Little ones, who were too excited about the newness of their first steps, preferred not to be carried. They followed along at a brisk trot wearing baby-blue baby reins, complete with tinkling bells.

The Girl-Naturalist had once worn these reins and had sat on his shoulders.

Watch for more news coming soon…


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