This ‘Me’ of Mine is open in Ipswich

This 'Me' of Mine text panel at Ipswich Art School Gallery

It’s amazing being at Ipswich Art School Gallery! The space is beautiful and having individual galleries within the one venue has given me the opportunity to explore more subjects within the overall theme.

Ipswich Art School sky light and balconyAs I said in a previous post, APT allowed for the visualisation and physical manifestation of ‘context’ in the project premise – ‘self in relation to context’ through the space given to the works. The space at Strange Cargo brought the works into personal proximity, meaning visitors were eye to eye with the pieces and experienced them within their own personal space. Kaleidoscope gave me a chance to make groupings and tell stories; stories of memory, loss and longing | age and nostalgia | social strictures and the demands of a global reality | psychology, physicality and the pervasiveness of the influence of time. In Ipswich, the space has allowed me make ‘chapters’ in the story of This ‘Me’ of Mine; chapters on lost objects and missing persons (Gallery 10), childhood interrupted (Gallery 7), the continuing saga of extreme population (Gallery 4), identity subdued, transformed and extinguished (Gallery 1) and so many others.

Kids interacting with EnigmaEnigma was a big hit, especially with the kids, who knew exactly what to do! It was lovely watching them drawing with the same carefree ease as if it was paper. There was one little girl who still wanted to draw on paper though and showed me the beautiful little characters she had drawn. Luis, Sandra and I were so pleased to see everyone enjoying the experience of making their avatars.

David Riley, Annabel Dover, Darren Nixon and I had an interesting ‘Artists in Conversation’ discussing irrationality. We discussed the gap between rationality and irrationality, the possibility that meaning comes from the irrational, and irrationality as displacement. Henrietta Thomas was with us again video taping so we’ll have that discussion soon. Arnold Borgerth has taken images of the installation in Ipswich and we’ll have more of his beautiful exhibition photographs too.

Andrew Litten's Paranoid Man with Red Car and gallery visitorsWe had a good turn out for the opening and several of the artists were there. It was great to meet Edward Chell, Jacqueline Utley, and David Riley in person. David and I have communicated with each other for a long time via various social media networks and it was fantastic to finally meet in person. It was lovely to see Hayley Harrison, Sandra Crisp, David Minton, Annabel Dover, Darren Nixon, Lisa Snook Gary Mansfield, Suzanne de Emmony and Molly Behagg again. This ‘Me’ of Mine has been energized by the work of all the guest artists and further works by the original artists. The expansion of the show is wonderful and it’s been a real privilege to work with these artists’ works. If you haven’t had a chance to see the show yet or even if you have, I encourage you see it in Ipswich, it’s well worth the train trip.

A reminder, coming up on Wednesday, 25th September is my curator talk, How do I read this? See the TICKETS page for more information on how to book a space.

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