Identity in the Digital Age

Whilst I Breathe, I Hope (c)2011 Edd PearmanIf you follow @thismeofmine on Twitter or Facebook you may have seen these recent tweets:

Archiving & narcissism contain Freudian death drive – a link with digital communications? We’ll discuss @ThisMeofMine

What would it be like if mobile phones became the only evocative object in our lives? @ThisMeofMine symposium

Invention of alphabet brought us here. Now we’re forgetting how to write thxs to digital communication. @ThisMeofMine

“Electronic circuitry is recreating in us…’primitive’ space orientation…a world of allatonceness @ThisMeofMine

These are some of the things we’ll be discussing at the symposium, Identity in the Digital Age, 2nd November. Are we facing a shift from individual identity to ‘mass’ identity? If we are what does that signal for our future and our children’s future? We hope you’ll join us for a fascinating discussion. Tickets are on sale now at Eventbrite.

This 'Me' of Mine at Ipswich Art School Gallery. Photo: A. Borgerth

This ‘Me’ of Mine at Ipswich Art School Gallery. Photo: A. Borgerth

I’m hearing some positive reports from Ipswich. We’ve had 245 visitors just in the first 20 days of October and we’ve had some very nice comments like, “Nice variety of medium. Love the avatar interactive,” and “It’s nice to see people in paintings again”.  And I’m told lots of the local students from St. Mary’s school have enjoyed the exhibition too. It has been such a pleasure to develop some of the underlying themes by increasing the size of the show. Our interactive piece, Enigma, is popular too, it’s been wonderful watching people interact with it.

The unique space at Ipswich Art School with it’s ten galleries provided an opportunity to go from “telling stories” at Kaleidoscope Gallery to “writing chapters” at the Art School Gallery. Each of the galleries used for the exhibition, present a specific sub-theme to the main theme of This ‘Me’ of Mine, setting up ‘chapters’ in the story of This ‘Me’ of Mine. The unofficial favourite room, is what I call the ‘scary room’, it’s a room of interrupted childhood and gives me shivers every time I go in there. I’m looking forward to my return to Ipswich on 30th October.

This 'Me' of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age book cover, (c)2013 Jane Boyer

This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age book cover, (c)2013 Jane Boyer

And finally, the book, This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age, is FINISHED and is in the very final stages of production before going to press. Very soon, it will be available for online orders. Stay tuned and I’ll have more news shortly!

We’ll have examples of the hard cover and soft cover editions at the symposium. Can hardly wait to see them!


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