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I’m so very pleased to announce the release of This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age, the companion book for This ‘Me’ of Mine. The book is more than an exhibition catalogue, it is an intricate view of self in relation to context and explores issues of memory, objects and identity, finding a voice and being an individual in the contemporary world. These last two topics are covered beautifully in essays by Gen Doy and Paul O’Kane, respectively. Gen Doy, author of Picturing the Self, writes beautifully about the significance of voice to identity in her essay, “Finding a Voice?”. “The Scene of the Self” by Paul O’Kane opens the book with sensitivity and a vast array of stimulating mental imagery. It is a beautifully crafted piece of writing and I am so honoured he wrote it especially for This ‘Me’ of Mine. All of the essays written for the book are unique, thoughtful and present a variety of views on the subject which creates a depth that can only be described as an “exhibition in book form”. I’m very proud to present them to you in this book. The heart and soul of the book are the artworks in the touring exhibition and full versions of artist interviews with: David Minton, Aly Helyer, David Riley, Anthony Boswell, Melanie Titmuss, Shireen Qureshi, Sarah Hervey, Kate Murdoch, Sandra Crisp, Annabel Dover, Edd Pearman, Cathy Lomax, Hayley Harrison, Darren Nixon and Jane Boyer.

You can purchase the book through . The book is also available through our BOOKSHOP affiliate, The Book Depository and at

(NOTE: the links to purchase or search for the book through Xlibris and are currently not working due to an Xlibris system upgrade. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please make purchases through our BOOKSHOP or one of the other sites above.)

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6 thoughts on “THE BOOK IS HERE!

  1. codedimages says:

    Not to forget, the core of the book consists of more than sixty pages devoted to a record of interviews with the contributing artists and photographs of their artwork as displayed in the exhibition.

    • janeboyer says:

      Thanks David, yes you are right! The full artist interviews make up the core of the book. Interview excerpts have been visible on this blogsite, but the full artist interviews are the heart and soul of the book. The essays introduce and round out the book. I wanted to explore the book form as a kind of exhibition venue, so the mental images stimulated by the essays and interviews along with the artworks, which toured in This ‘Me’ of Mine, present a similar variety as the exhibition itself.

  2. codedimages says:

    I am really enjoying reading the full interviews…

  3. codedimages says:

    A nice update. Thank you.

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