Final Four Weeks of This ‘Me’ of Mine

Installation view, Art School Gallery, Photo: A. Borgerth

Left to Right: Bird (c)2011 Suzanne de Emmony, Echo (c)2011 Lisa Snook, Untitled Nude (c)2011 Shireen Qureshi Photo by: A. Borgerth

If you haven’t yet seen the expanded This ‘Me’ of Mine exhibition at Ipswich Art School with guest artists Molly Behagg, Edward Chell, Suzanne de Emmony, Kate Elliott, Andrew Litten, Gary Mansfield, Helen Scalway, Lisa Snook, Jacqueline Utley, and Kai-Oi Jay Yung – these are the final four weeks of the show. One kind visitor filled out our “What Do You Think” questionnaire recently and had this to say:

I was much impressed with the work and I think particularly as I saw it first-hand rather than after following from a distance.  The scale or intimacy and presence of the different works is significant I think.

The space/s at Ipswich lend [themselves] well to much of the work as many of the pieces gain a certain impact, in terms of proximity to the viewer; impressing a certain . . . relation between what is ‘depicted’ or present and how the viewer assimilates or receivers what is there.

The premise of the show is very well conveyed both in terms of the selected artists work and in the methods of display and situation within the space.

The Holiday Season is here, a perfect time for a short trip to see the lovely Victorian Ipswich Museum and the wonderful atrium space of the Art School Gallery. I overheard one person say This ‘Me’ of Mine was the best show they’ve seen in the gallery. Come see why.

And of course, This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age would make a great gift! The book showcases the full length interviews with artists, Anthony Boswell, Jane Boyer, Sandra Crisp, Annabel Dover, Hayley Harrison, Aly Helyer, Sarah Hervey, Cathy Lomax, David Minton, Kate Murdoch, Darren Nixon, Edd Pearman, Shireen Qureshi, David Riley and Melanie Titmuss, with essays by Paul O’Kane, Gen Doy, Becky Huff Hunter, David Houston Jones, Aiden Gregg, Catherine Horan and Jane Boyer. It also features a fairytale written for Annabel Dover by Carol Mavor!

The book is available from these online booksellers: Amazon, The Book Depository, and Barnes and Noble .

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