The End (well almost)

Waving Goodbye to This 'Me' of Mine

L to R: Darren Nixon, Molly Behagg, Hayley Harrison, Hayley’s partner

The show is now closed, but in fact there will still be activity on the blog as I continue to post more images of artworks, evaluation info, book info and other things to finish out the project as a whole. It’s a very interesting thing for me to fully grasp that even though the show is closed, there are still aspects of the project which have yet to be completed and the blog is the place where this will transpire. The significance of this is only now sinking in, as odd as that may sound.

I equate curating with storytelling. Whether it’s telling the story of an artist’s work and vision, or telling the story of a larger cultural concept there is always a question of communication; often it is a question of how much information to give. There can be no communication without a common ground from which empathy happens. It was this common ground and empathy I hoped to reach in people visiting This ‘Me’ of Mine. I was very gratified to read a comment in the Art School guest book which expressed the visitor’s confusion at first, but given a little time looking, certain threads made themselves visible, threads which the visitor was able to follow and provided a way into a deeper understanding of the show. This is the way of communication in our media-saturated world; we have to choose our threads carefully now for a deeper understanding.

As I sit here writing this, I feel in a very odd place. Work which has consumed all my time and mental activity for the past two years is nearly finished. I am bereft and elated in the same breath. It is finished, yet I still have more work to do. This duality is a curious thing and it doesn’t feel ready to settle. I think this is a new reality too – we must navigate different temporal spaces simultaneously now and the tug can be as powerful as an undercurrent. Perhaps the trick is to swim across the current.

We’ve had a big viewing day today with nearly 50 visitors, 101 views and we’ve topped the 19,000 hits mark, all to see Arnold’s exhibition photographs. Stay with us, you’ll be interested to see all of the works in the expanded show for the Art School Gallery, and there are several book reviews in the works. Speaking of the book, it was lovely to meet Julie, a volunteer at the gallery. She was deeply engaged in reading the book while invigilating for the gallery and This ‘Me’ of Mine. I was pleased that Sarah Hervey was there with me on the last day of show, because the three of us had some very interesting discussions – which is what it’s all about.

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