Her by Hayley Harrison

Her (c)2011 Hayley HarrisonHer


Hayley Harrison

Oil on canvas

44 x 33.8 cm (framed)


Hayley Harrison’s painting Her is an example of a figurative work which functions to raise questions of identity and memory.  Her presents a child’s pinwheel toy on a dark background.  The pinwheel is instantly recognisable as a symbol suggesting childhood, happiness, joy and being carefree.  However, the contrast of the dark ground gives a sense of unease and disquietude.  It suggests there may be secrets or misfortune underlying the story.  Memory is recalled in the pinwheel but the contrast between toy and darkness suggests there is more than what appears on the surface.

Read our interview: Speak Me Many Times.

Find out more about Hayley Harrison at www.hayleyharrison.co.uk

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