Poof! by Jane Boyer

Poof! (c)2010 Jane BoyerPoof!


Jane Boyer

Powered graphite, gesso, acrylic binder on paper

62 x 81 cm (framed)


The title and form allude to fleeting experience, a magician’s disappearing act, but there is a deeper meaning to Poof! which deals with existence, life and death, witness and the residue left in the aftermath. Petrification and fossilization are applicable to things beyond natural science, this happens with emotions too.  The suggested dimensionality of space, i.e. the space evacuated by something once there, as in the magician’s act, also acts as a reference to dimensionality of meaning in two vantage points; the thing or person disappeared and the thing or person left behind to witness the disappearance.

Read our interview: When Context Takes the Game, conducted by Becky Huff Hunter, coming soon.

Find out more about Jane Boyer at www.janeboyer.com

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