Strange Fruit by Aly Helyer

Strange Fruit (c)2007 Aly HelyerStrange Fruit


Aly Helyer

Ink on paper

80.5 x 115.5 cm (framed)

Not for Sale

Aly Helyer’s second piece in the exhibition, Strange Fruit, was the starting point for conceptualizing This ‘Me’ of Mine and became a sort of anchor-point for other work which shared a similar sense of vulnerability, but in more tangible realistic terms. The exhibition balances the utter abstractness of Aly’s pieces with other works which are easier to identify. Aly’s work represents the unspeakable emotion, that deep seeded stuff none of us want to express, suggested in the show premise.

Read our interview: Anchors of Observation

View Aly’s Happy Family with Sheep

Read the Premise Statement

Find out more about Aly Helyer at


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