I’m very pleased to present This ‘Me’ of Mine: Self, Time & Context in the Digital Age, an intricate view of self in relation to context which can only be described as “an exhibition in book form”.

BlueInk Review says this:

This ‘Me’ of Mine is an unusual book…Boyer admits that this sort of examination of self is “a vast topic and one which many others have tackled.” Although that’s surely true, she manages to add something intriguing to the conversation.”

With essays by Paul O’Kane, Gen Doy (author of Picturing the Self), Becky Huff Hunter, Carol Mavor (her recent release Blue Mythologies), David Houston Jones ( author of  Samuel Beckett and Testimony), Catherine Horan, Aiden Gregg (co-author of Experiments with people: revelations from social psychology) and Jane Boyer.

Artist Interviews with: Anthony Boswell, Jane Boyer, Sandra Crisp, Annabel Dover, Hayley Harrison, Aly Helyer, Sarah Hervey, Cathy Lomax, David Minton, Kate Murdoch, Darren Nixon, Edd Pearman, Shireen Qureshi, David Riley, and Melanie Titmuss.

“This is the book’s strength: The interviews are mostly interesting and the art itself is excellent and well-photographed for reproduction here. The various media represented include oils on canvas, digital and video art, and many others. Combined with the interviews, they illuminate the themes of self in relation to context…”

BlueInk Review

Available in our BOOKSHOP , affiliated with the Book Depository, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered online or in-store from Waterstones.

Coming soon to the TATE Bookshop.

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