Guest Artists

Video still, 'Shout Blue', from 'Trampoline' (c)2006 Kai-Oi Jay YungKai-Oi Jay Yung

I am interested in conflict sites, ruptures in our psychogenic make-up and how our suffering and conflict exacerbates and manifests in our daily living. In editing and making, I can dissect and reassemble meaning, introduce new characters and empower others with narratives to manipulate their own endings, realities and truths. This way I can offer alternative belief systems to exercise our fears, desires and life’s complexities in relation to our migratory trajectories and national identity.” Selected exhibitions include: Amongst Dark Trees, A Clearing, Grundy Art Gallery, Interval; A Narrative Psychosis, Cornerhouse solo exhibition, Image Wars, Abrons Arts Centre, New York City, 1911-2011, JCCAC, Hong Kong, Sock Exchange, FACT, Far West, Arnolfini, Nightcomers, Istanbul Biennial, Kopas Experimental Arts Festival, Seoul, Art Bin, South London Gallery, Paradise Stories, funded by European Capital of Culture & RIBA and The Wormhole Saloon, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Prison Shirt, (c)2004 Gary MansfieldGary Mansfield

“If a body of my work was viewed for the first time, I think it would be described as conceptual with a strong emotional impact, reminiscent of Mona Hatoumn. This impact could bring to the forefront of one’s mind a moment that had previously been set aside.” Selected exhibitions include: Stamps Gallery – New York, Levines – Liverpool, The Paper mill – London, Trinity Boy Wharf – London, Glass Gallery – London, Neon Gallery – London, Spats Gallery – London, The Tereza Joanne – London, Neon Gallery – London.

Vertigo (c)2011 Molly BehaggMolly Behagg

“My work is concerned with how self-identity is shaped through experience and how everyday places or objects are transformed through personal narratives and memory. The concept of home is important to me and I am interested in how people use places to define themselves. I believe that the absence, as well as the reflection of people, can give voice to the hidden narratives of places and objects, the passage of time, silence, movement and the ever-changing self.” Selected exhibitions include: Crash Open Salon Charlie Dutton Gallery, London,  The Palest Ink 
Motorcade/Flashparade Gallery
, Bristol, Affordable Art Fair Bristol
, The Open at Motorcade/Flashparade BV Open Studios, Bristol, The Open West The Summerfield Gallery, Cheltenham, The Open West Symposium 2010 Artist’s Talk at Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Cube Microplex Bristol, Spike Island Open Studios, Bristol, The Doppler Effect The Crypt, Bristol, True Colours Stroud House Gallery, Stroud.

Paranoid Man with Red Car_Andrew LittenAndrew Litten

“For me, as a figurative painter – the manipulation of materials and the manipulation of identity are intrinsically linked. Perhaps subversive, tender, malevolent, compassionate – pure expression, which is not political or demographic or defined by taste, is at the heart of it all. Creativity is empowering and empathy is powerful – and the need to see raw human existence drives it all forwards.” Selected exhibitions include: Kunstfaktor MARZIA FROZEN, Berlin, Accidental Genius MILWAUKEE MUSEUM OF ART, Milwaukee, On Paper incl. Kitaj, Hambling, Rego, Hockney, SNIG HILL GALLERY, Sheffield, Xmasbogof WW GALLERY London, St Ives Collection incl.Passmore,Nicholson,Heron, SNIG HILL GALLERY Sheffield, London Art Fair MILLENNIUM, Islington, London, Afternoon Tea W.W.GALLERY, Venice Biennale, Concrete Skin BHVU GALLERY, London, Red CULTIVATE VYNER STREET, London, Little Benefits CULTIVATE VYNER STREET, London, AC/BC MARZIA FROZEN, Berlin, Unoriginal RSA Collective, Edinburgh, BOok Oo GALLERY , New York, FOot Oo GALLERY, New York, The Museum Of Everything Crunch Festival, Wales, No Soul For Sale TATE MODERN (turbine Hall) London.

Untitled (birdhouse in wardrobe), (c)2011 Suzanne de EmmonySuzanne de Emmony

“I have a multi-disciplinary practice that includes collage, painting & photography. My work primarily focuses upon screen-sourced imagery (& the often voyeuristic nature of its spectatorship) with which I explore the slippery, unreliable quality of memory and possibilities of re-creating nostalgic &/or psychological narratives out of contemporary ‘found’ visual material.” Selected exhibitions include: Nest, Woburn Abbey, Bedford Rooms, SuperScale, Arbeit Gallery, London, Start13, Bermondsey Project Space, London, ‘…I’ve a feeling that we’re not in Kansas anymore’, Black & Blue, Wigmore St, London, ReGroup, PSAD, London, The Other Art Fair, Ambika P3, London, The Bow Open, Bermondsey Project Space, “Curious’, West Norwood Cemetery, The Other Art Fair, Ambika P3, London, Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London.

Factory, (c)2000 Helen ScalwayHelen Scalway

I’m an independent artist and writer interested in spatialities. My enquires involve: the inner dynamics of relationships through the spatialities they produce, for example in complex and emergent spaces; the sometimes incommensurable ways of being and seeing in the contemporary cosmopolitan city; spatial metaphors which produce places and behaviours; pattern, repetition, variation and change in thinking about the self as spatial process.” Currently an Honorary Research Associate in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, selected exhibitions include: Current collaboration with geographer Professor Gail Davies of Exeter University, MIND THE MAP; INSPIRING ART, DESIGN AND CARTOGRAPHY  London Transport Museum, THE ARROW AS ICON Centre for Recent Drawing online residency, FROST ART MUSEUM DRAWING PROJECT Frost Art Museum, Florida International Museum Miami, LOADBEARING Ada Street Gallery London, MOVING PATTERNS The Royal Geographical Society London.

Echo, (c)2011 Lisa SnookLisa Snook

“My work draws from personal, cultural and social ideas surrounding gender, sex, death, memory and loss. I look at how the role of the ‘mother’ has affected our ideas/ideals of femininity both in terms of the patriarchal church and of our perceptions/expectations of motherhood in western culture. Notions of memory are also explored through the collection and then casting of lost or discarded personal objects and memorabilia, found in charity and bric-a-brac shops.   This process allows me to identify a collective and cultural identity that express’ emotions of loss and remembrance and to explore the tenacious relationship we have with our own mortality.  By casting the objects in white plaster I can create a more universal ‘momenti mori’, the former marks of wear and paint are lost, leaving only a memory of it’s former self.” Selected exhibitions include: Fans of Feminism, The Bank, Central House, London, Discernible, Bond House Project Space, London, Santorini Beinnale, Greece, Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Taiwan, Collectible, ASC Galleries, London, In The Current Climate, The Vibe Gallery, London, For what It’s Worth, 3-5 Whitechapel Road, London, Bittersweet, Ingrid Hinton, London, Artists Books, Art House Gallery, Southampton, Throes, Victoria Court Interiors, Nottingham, Below The Line, Art House Gallery, Southampton, Just Glass, Coach House Gallery, London, Multiple Orgasm, Lost in Space Gallery, Brixton, London.

Jacqueline_utley_front room waiting_2012Jacqueline Utley

“I work between the mediums of drawing and painting. I work in ongoing series often alongside each other, the still life paintings examine everyday objects and ornaments that sit side by side on shelves and ledges or in cabinets. The notes and drawings are the starting point for the paintings it then becomes the constant shifts that happen on the surface of the canvas between image and paint that becomes the area of investigation.” Selected exhibitions include: Suppose An Eyes, Galerie Futura (alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt), Berlin, Peckham Open, Peckham Space, London, BLANK PROMISCUITY, St Paul’s House Project Space, Deptford, ‘A smile spreading, like a secret…’, Harts Lane Studio, London, Fleeting Resonance, St Paul’s house, Deptford, 2011 Invited by GHost Club ( Sarah Sparkes and Ricardo vidal) work made in response to Shepway Ghost stories, The B&B Project Space, Folkestone triennial Fringe, Kent, Chutney Preserves 5, curated by Sarah Sparkes, Camberwell Green, London, Creekside Open Selected by Phyllida Barlow, APT Gallery, London, Creekside Open selected by Dexter Dalwood, APT Gallery, London, ASYLUM first, Asylum project space, London, Chutney preserves 4, Camberwell Green, London, Stardust Boogie Woogie Version 4, Monika Bobinska, London.

Malach, (c)2000 Edward ChellEdward Chell

“While my practice is rooted in painting, I also work across media, making combinations of objects and text and exploring the site specific. My work foregrounds conflicting storylines within the spatial environment, aiming to capture the collisions between values and meanings we bring to our experiences of place, with a particular focus on borders and peripheral places that present a form of ‘Terrain Vague’.” Edward Chell is represented by Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Düsseldorf, Germany. Selected exhibitions include: Eclipse, The Beaney, Canterbury, Leaf and Wind, Whitechapel Gallery, London, Buttercup – Ranunculus repens: Dust A20(M), Beaconsfield, London, Viewing Stations, Tank Gallery, London, The Pleasure Principle, The Old Police Station, London, Gran Tourismo, Little Chef Ing, Griezdale Arts, Cumbria.

PP_Untitled8_KateElliott_(c)2013Kate Elliott

“Much of my work explores ideas surrounding identity and representation. With a background in photography I have begun, increasingly, to incorporate moving image, sound and object-based work into my practice. I’m interested in exploring the relationship between the different mediums, and in examining how they can be used to differing effects. Process and performance play an important part in my work, the result and outcome of an act often being the focus, as opposed to the act itself.” Selected exhibitions include: Place of Work: (Whitechapel), East Street Arts London, A Chain of Wooded Mountains (a KEEM project), Long White Cloud Gallery,London, The World in London, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, The World in London, Victoria Park and Oxford Street, London, The World in London, The Gulbenkian Foundation, London, Group 2012, WW Gallery, London, The Landscape, WW Patio Projects, London, The Trace, MargatePhotoFest, Margate, For Japan, HotShoe Gallery, London, Edge of Extinction, Lo and Behold Gallery, London, Divide and Rule film and live art festival, Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor, Summer Salon 2010, Islington Arts Factory, London, Slide Nite, Plac Nowy, Krakow Photo Month, Poland.


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