As part of a plan for public engagement, This ‘Me’ of Mine will include a cross-disciplinary symposium in conjunction with the exhibition.

“…the human mind cannot be understood by theories which leave out the self and its activities.  It is the fact of self which makes human cognition social cognition.”     John C. Turner 

The inner self and the public self are inextricably bound.  This ‘Me’ of Mine, a cross-disciplinary project, explores current issues of self in relation to context in a holistic approach via science, art and the humanities.  A symposium on the effects of social networking on identity, our relationship to objects, and memory as a source of self-definition will be held in conjunction with an exhibition of artworks dealing with self.

Members on the Panel:

Dr David Jones photoDr David Houston Jones

Senior Lecturer in French and Director of the new Visual Cultural initiative at the University of Exeter.

His current research interests focus on visual culture, in particular installation art and the archive and the visual coding of trauma and testimony. He is currently exploring contemporary theories and representations of the archive, especially in visual culture.  He co-organised a one-day workshop at Exeter in May 2011,  Repositioning Memory: between the Archive and the Rubbish Heap. Dr Jones’ most recent book, Samuel Beckett and Testimony (2011), looks at the discursive and visual coding of testimony in Beckett’s work. The concern with the limits of expression in Beckett allows new light to be shed on the problem of ‘unspeakability’ as it arises in Holocaust studies, in visual studies and elsewhere in critical theory. The resulting frameworks allow testimony to be rethought, alongside the idea of the archive, both as a mode of expression and as a form of knowledge.

Annabel Dover photoAnnabel Dover

Artist, lecturer and PhD Fine Art candidate at University of the Arts London Wimbledon is an exhibiting artist in This ‘Me’ of Mine.

Her PhD thesis is on Victorian botanist, Anna Atkins. Anabel’s research explores the social relationships that are mediated through objects.  She explores the relationships we have with objects that simultaneously confound and support emotional expression. The personal narratives imposed upon objects often provide a hidden expression for the breakdown in human relationships and the overlapping, disparate and disjointed memories and emotions that they reflect. She has been in numerous exhibitions, both solo and group.  Her work is held in major UK public collections including: University of the Arts London, Imperial War Museum, English Heritage and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Dr Aiden Gregg

Lecturer and member of the Personality and Social Psychology Research Group and the Centre for Research on Self & Identity (CRSI) at the University of Southampton.

His primary research interests lie at the interface of self and social cognition. He studies the phenomenon of self-enhancement in its various manifestations, and has expertise in the use of implicit measures.  He is  also interested in the psychology and technology of lie detection.

His current work in progress includes:
– whether or not any motive to verify (as opposed to enhance or assess) one’s identity exists;
– various subtle manifestations of automatic self-positivity, and their implications;
– whether self-esteem functions to regulate interpersonal rank as well as social inclusion;
– the between self-regard and materialism.

Catherine Horan imageDr Catherine Horan

Catherine teaches in the School of Applied Social Sciences on the BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, BA (Hons) Sociology, MA Childhood and Youth Studies and MA Learning and Teaching degree programmes.  She acts as personal tutor to 30 undergraduate students and dissertation supervisor to 6 students. She leads the ‘Children’s Geographies’, ‘Special Education Needs and Inclusion’ and ‘Politics of Childhood’ modules and teaches on the ‘Children and Social Policy’, ‘Perspectives of Childhood’ and ‘Gender in Modern Society’ modules. Catherine studied Drama and Sociology at Trinity College Dublin. She has a research interest in equality, inclusion and representation and she has written her masters (University College Dublin) and doctoral (Queen’s University Belfast) dissertations on equality. She is the School of Applied Social Sciences representative on the University Campus Suffolk Equality Committee.

Catherine was appointed External Advisor for the approval of the MA Theatre for Young Audiences Degree at Bath Spa University in 2012 and she is the current External Examiner for the Foundation Degree – Professional Studies in Early Years at Canterbury Christ Church University.


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