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Video Full House

video still from Identity in the Digital Age sypmosium, Photo credit: Henrietta Thomas

Members of the symposium audience join in the discussion of shifting social taboos as a result of social media communications

Identity in the Digital Age, the symposium for This ‘Me’ of Mine is now available on YouTube, as is the final instalment of Artists in Conversation.

The symposium is presented in four parts, each about 30 minutes, which make up two hours of conversation. And what a conversation it was! We discussed archiving, narcissism, the power of objects, tattooing, the influence of social media and so much more. I can’t possibly do it justice here, you’ll have to watch the videos.

video still from Artists in Converstation, Ipswich Photo Credit: Henrietta Thomas

David Riley (on the left) and Darren Nixon discuss objects as signifiers, both personally and socially, in Artists in Conversation

Artists David Riley, Annabel Dover and Darren Nixon join me for a discussion of ‘Irrationality’ for the final instalment of Artists in Conversation. We had a very interesting discussion which suggested irrationality can be a kind of displacement.

See all the videos from This ‘Me’ of Mine on the project YouTube channel and join in some thought provoking discussions, your comments are welcome!

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