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The End (well almost)

Waving Goodbye to This 'Me' of Mine

L to R: Darren Nixon, Molly Behagg, Hayley Harrison, Hayley’s partner

The show is now closed, but in fact there will still be activity on the blog as I continue to post more images of artworks, evaluation info, book info and other things to finish out the project as a whole. It’s a very interesting thing for me to fully grasp that even though the show is closed, there are still aspects of the project which have yet to be completed and the blog is the place where this will transpire. The significance of this is only now sinking in, as odd as that may sound.

I equate curating with storytelling. Whether it’s telling the story of an artist’s work and vision, or telling the story of a larger cultural concept there is always a question of communication; often it is a question of how much information to give. There can be no communication without a common ground from which empathy happens. It was this common ground and empathy I hoped to reach in people visiting This ‘Me’ of Mine. I was very gratified to read a comment in the Art School guest book which expressed the visitor’s confusion at first, but given a little time looking, certain threads made themselves visible, threads which the visitor was able to follow and provided a way into a deeper understanding of the show. This is the way of communication in our media-saturated world; we have to choose our threads carefully now for a deeper understanding.

As I sit here writing this, I feel in a very odd place. Work which has consumed all my time and mental activity for the past two years is nearly finished. I am bereft and elated in the same breath. It is finished, yet I still have more work to do. This duality is a curious thing and it doesn’t feel ready to settle. I think this is a new reality too – we must navigate different temporal spaces simultaneously now and the tug can be as powerful as an undercurrent. Perhaps the trick is to swim across the current.

We’ve had a big viewing day today with nearly 50 visitors, 101 views and we’ve topped the 19,000 hits mark, all to see Arnold’s exhibition photographs. Stay with us, you’ll be interested to see all of the works in the expanded show for the Art School Gallery, and there are several book reviews in the works. Speaking of the book, it was lovely to meet Julie, a volunteer at the gallery. She was deeply engaged in reading the book while invigilating for the gallery and This ‘Me’ of Mine. I was pleased that Sarah Hervey was there with me on the last day of show, because the three of us had some very interesting discussions – which is what it’s all about.

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This ‘Me’ of Mine is open in Ipswich

This 'Me' of Mine text panel at Ipswich Art School Gallery

It’s amazing being at Ipswich Art School Gallery! The space is beautiful and having individual galleries within the one venue has given me the opportunity to explore more subjects within the overall theme.

Ipswich Art School sky light and balconyAs I said in a previous post, APT allowed for the visualisation and physical manifestation of ‘context’ in the project premise – ‘self in relation to context’ through the space given to the works. The space at Strange Cargo brought the works into personal proximity, meaning visitors were eye to eye with the pieces and experienced them within their own personal space. Kaleidoscope gave me a chance to make groupings and tell stories; stories of memory, loss and longing | age and nostalgia | social strictures and the demands of a global reality | psychology, physicality and the pervasiveness of the influence of time. In Ipswich, the space has allowed me make ‘chapters’ in the story of This ‘Me’ of Mine; chapters on lost objects and missing persons (Gallery 10), childhood interrupted (Gallery 7), the continuing saga of extreme population (Gallery 4), identity subdued, transformed and extinguished (Gallery 1) and so many others.

Kids interacting with EnigmaEnigma was a big hit, especially with the kids, who knew exactly what to do! It was lovely watching them drawing with the same carefree ease as if it was paper. There was one little girl who still wanted to draw on paper though and showed me the beautiful little characters she had drawn. Luis, Sandra and I were so pleased to see everyone enjoying the experience of making their avatars.

David Riley, Annabel Dover, Darren Nixon and I had an interesting ‘Artists in Conversation’ discussing irrationality. We discussed the gap between rationality and irrationality, the possibility that meaning comes from the irrational, and irrationality as displacement. Henrietta Thomas was with us again video taping so we’ll have that discussion soon. Arnold Borgerth has taken images of the installation in Ipswich and we’ll have more of his beautiful exhibition photographs too.

Andrew Litten's Paranoid Man with Red Car and gallery visitorsWe had a good turn out for the opening and several of the artists were there. It was great to meet Edward Chell, Jacqueline Utley, and David Riley in person. David and I have communicated with each other for a long time via various social media networks and it was fantastic to finally meet in person. It was lovely to see Hayley Harrison, Sandra Crisp, David Minton, Annabel Dover, Darren Nixon, Lisa Snook Gary Mansfield, Suzanne de Emmony and Molly Behagg again. This ‘Me’ of Mine has been energized by the work of all the guest artists and further works by the original artists. The expansion of the show is wonderful and it’s been a real privilege to work with these artists’ works. If you haven’t had a chance to see the show yet or even if you have, I encourage you see it in Ipswich, it’s well worth the train trip.

A reminder, coming up on Wednesday, 25th September is my curator talk, How do I read this? See the TICKETS page for more information on how to book a space.

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This ‘Me’ of Mine YouTube Channel

Still from 'Artists in Conversation at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery' for This 'Me' of Mine, filmed and edited by Henrietta ThomasWith the release yesterday of our second ‘Artists in Conversation’ video we have a growing This ‘Me’ of Mine YouTube channel!

You can see the first video, filmed and edited by Henrietta Thomas, of our discussion on ‘symbology’ with Sarah Hervey and Hayley Harrison at Strange Cargo|Georges House Gallery in Folkestone. The second video by Henri, This ‘Me’ of Mine: Artists in Conversation at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope  Gallery, features David Minton and Melanie Titmuss. We discuss ‘space’ both with regards to our work and as an aspect of curatorial choices I’ve made throughout the project.

Coming up: ‘Artists in Conversation’ at Ipswich Art School Gallery and our symposium, Identity in the Digital Age. I’ll be announcing the symposium dates soon too, so stay tuned…

Still from 'Artists in Conversation at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery' for This 'Me' of Mine, filmed and edited by Henrietta Thomas

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Ipswich Dates

CIMs Logo I’m so pleased to announce our dates for the final venue of the This ‘Me’ of Mine tour – Ipswich Art School Gallery at Colchester and Ipswich Museum Services. The guest artists have been invited, works have been selected, curatorial plans are sent and preparations are under-way! On behalf of all the artists and Colchester+Ipswich Museum, we hope you will join us for the expanded This ‘Me’ of Mine exhibition and a broadened exploration of identity in relation to the context of our digital age.

Experience, (c)2013 Shireen QureshiExhibition Dates:
21st September 2013 to 5th January 2014

Saturday 21st September, 2 to 5pm

Artists in Conversation:
2 to 3pm the afternoon of the opening

Guest Artists:
Molly Behagg
Edward Chell
Kate Elliott
Suzanne de Emmony
Andrew Litten
Gary Mansfield
Helen Scalway
Lisa Snook
Jacqueline Utley
Kai-Oi Jay Yung

page for more info.

Anthony Boswell
Jane Boyer
Sandra Crisp
Annabel Dover
Hayley Harrison
Aly Helyer
Sarah Hervey
Cathy Lomax
David Minton
Kate Murdoch
Darren Nixon
Edd Pearman
Shireen Qureshi
David Riley
Melanie Titmuss


The Study of Peter Pan, Untitled 8, (c)2013 Kate Elliott

The Way He Liked Me to Look, (C)2011-2013 Cathy Lomax

The Way He Liked Me to Look, (C)2011-2013 Cathy Lomax

Oh that’s lovely news, I’d be delighted to exhibit in This ‘Me’ Of Mine.  I thought the show at APT was extremely poignant, Cathy Lomax’s piece still twinkles in my memory. The show is going from strength to strength, it’s brilliant!

Lisa Snook

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We’re off to Folkestone!

This 'Me' of Mine at APT Gallery (c)2013 Arnold Borgerth

This ‘Me’ of Mine at APT Gallery Photo: Arnold Borgerth

Our time is up at APT Gallery

– it seems as unreal to me as when we moved in and I was getting used to being in the same space as the works. The time I’ve spent invigilating the show has had a timeless quality; often feeling too short and at times feeling like an age. The length of time had nothing to do with being bored either, I’ve had far too much work to keep up with to be bored. Rather, it was more like feeling suspended between the reality of daily encounters and living with these works in this space.

APT is a generous space, it feels welcoming and comforting just being within the walls of the gallery;I could spend a lot of time here. Liz May, the gallery manager, and the studio artists at APT have been friendly, helpful and generous with their time, taking the time to engage with This ‘Me’ of Mine and taking time to talk with me about the show, the work, and the curation. It has been an absolute pleasure to inhabit APT Gallery for these few short weeks. My thanks to everyone at APT and thanks to Victoria Rance for all the lovely tweets!

We’re off to Folkestone!

Strange Cargo georges house gallery

You are warmly invited to the opening of…


Glass Menagerie by Cathy Lomax  Photo: Sarah Doyle

Glass Menagerie by Cathy Lomax Photo: Sarah Doyle

12 April to 7 May 2013

PV: 12 April, 6-9pm

‘Artists in Conversation’, 6-7pm night of PV

Georges House Gallery
8 The Old High Street
Kent  CT20 1RL
Exhibition Hours:
Mon to Sat, 10 to 5pm


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This ‘Me’ of Mine in its final week at APT

Project Update:

This ‘Me’ of Mine is in its final week at APT Gallery with two great events coming up to conclude this leg of the tour.

Photo by J. Pickering

Photo by: J. Pickering

This ‘Me’ of Mine has had a fantastic first week! We’ve received a lovely article by Jack Hutchinson for a-n News, Curating by Twitter; well worth a read. We’ve had a steady flow of visitors to APT Gallery in Deptford with a very enthusiastic response from those viewing the show. Here are some of the kind comments left in our guest book:

“Kate’s work is great and identifiable instantly! Anthony Boswell’s  piece is superb.”

“Great show, lots to think about – loved it all.”

“Lovely show, very moving. Thank You.”

“Really lovely, well curated. Made me think!”

“Exquisite show, particularly the spacing and Cathy Lomax – it will be interesting to see the changes as it travels.”

On Friday, we had a surprise visit by students from Blake College and it was lovely to see them spread evenly throughout the gallery eagerly writing and talking about the work. We enter our final week at APT this week, if you haven’t seen the show yet, be sure to pop in.

The exhibition continues through 31 March.

SLAM! South London Art Map tour in Deptford

Good Friday, March 29th

APT Gallery will be open until 8:30pm

Join us for the South London Last Friday late opening. The gallery will be open from 12 to 8:30 pm. Click the South London Art Map logo to find out who else will be on the tour. This is a free event.

SLAM logo

Tea and Talk

APT PV_ThisMeofMine 7_72dpi_JPickering_adjusted

A final wrap up discussion

Join us Easter Saturday, 30 March at 3:00 for tea and a chat to round out the show before our final day on Sunday the 31st. I’ll have lots to say about working with the space, challenges coming up for the next venue, Strange Cargo|Georges House Gallery in Folkestone and the significance of the changing context for the exhibition.

Looking forward to seeing you at APT!

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Successful Opening at APT

“It always amazes me how much better works of art are as artifacts, not as digital copies. We forget, especially [with] photographs.”

this 'Me' of Mine APT PV image

Photo by: Rosie Hervey

What a wonderful evening! we had a great turn out of around 100 visitors, despite the stomach bug going around. People were open, receptive and incredibly encouraging. Our PV guests were varied and various; I was delighted that Duncan Brannan from Kaleidoscope Gallery, the third venue on our tour was there. We had a chance to put a face to the emails! We saw old friends, friends we only knew in the ether, and new friends whom we’d just met.

“Love the sense of space and the generosity given to each piece…very engaging, questioning. High quality work, interesting curating. Good to be actively drawn in to conversations with the artists.”

This 'Me' of Mine APT PV image

Photo by: Rosie Hervey

Our first ‘Artists in Conversation’ went over really well with about 50 people gathered to listen to what we might have to say about ‘Detail’. It was a casual discussion and our guests joined in, asking us some great questions. The artists who participated, Kate Murdoch, Sandra Crisp and Shireen Qureshi really enjoyed the discussion and the conversational nature of it. Kate said it made her think more closely about her work.

“Absolutely – there is a great deal of freshness in the approach to all the work here that is wonderful to see.”

this 'Me' of Mine APT PV image

Photo by: Jane Boyer

My colleagues and dear friends, Sarah Hervey and Helen Scalway and I announced the formation of our new organisation: Associated Artists Curators and Writers (AACW). This organisation, formed to further independent practice in the arts, has come about through the experience of developing This ‘Me’ of Mine. I made an appeal to everyone that night to help us gather information to develop the organisation further, and people very graciously filled in our questionnaires with great enthusiasm – people were gathered around the counter writing way with great determination!

“I really valued the curator’s presentation and the words of the artists. Gallery spaces can be quite ‘clinical’ and imposing – friendly, stimulating and enjoyable exhibition. Thanks all around.”

It was a great launch, a great twitter day with tweets flying, and our best day so far for views on the blog, surpassing the day the blog was launched over a year ago. Thanks to everyone who came, we look forward to seeing you in Folkestone!

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HomeinOne Sponsors This ‘Me’ of Mine

HomeinOne Logo

I’m very proud to announce, international relocation experts, HomeinOne.com, are sponsoring This ‘Me’ of Mine. HomeinOne.com is a turnkey solution for corporate clients relocating to the Middle East Region. HiO specializes in short, medium and long term furniture as well as fully furnished housing rentals. They also provide Property Management plus Value Added Services such as Orientation Tours, School & Home Searches, Soft | Welcome | Baby | Pet Packs etc. The name says it all; HomeinOne is a complete ‘One stop Shop’. They compliment the daily housing requirements of their corporate client’s HR Department. Visit  www.homeinone.com for more details.

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ACE Awards Grant to This ‘Me’ of Mine

Arts Council England/National Lottery logo

I am very proud to announce:

This ‘Me’ of Mine has been awarded a grant from Arts Council England!

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Save the Date: March 14 2013 This ‘Me’ of Mine opens at APT Gallery

You’ll be seeing these invitations in your emailboxes soon…

You are warmly invited to the opening of…

This 'Me' of Mine postcard

14 – 31 March 2013
PV: 14 March, 6-9pm

‘Artists in Conversation’
6-7pm night of PV

APT Gallery logo
APT Gallery
Harold Wharf
6 Creekside Drive
Deptford, London SE8 4SA

Exhibition Hours:
Wed to Sun, 12 to 5pm

SLAM logo

South London Art Map Tour
29 March, 12 to 8:30pm

Follow the SLAM link above for more details to join the tour.


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