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This ‘Me’ of Mine Tour Dates

“Each time I visit, I get drawn towards Kate Murdoch’s, ‘It’s The Little Things’. For me this piece defines This ‘Me’ of Mine perfectly. Few of us would dare look in the mirror long enough to see the real ‘me’. We carefully choose what is reflected until we are content with the ‘me of mine’ mask on display. It’s the little things of ‘me’ one tries to discard, little more than blurred objects in peripheral vision, but clearly displayed for others to see. It’s the little things that makes the division between This ‘Me’ of Mine from ‘the me of yours’.”

Comment by Gary Mansfield from the ARTWORKS page

I’m very pleased to announce the tour dates for This ‘Me’ of Mine:

Whilst I Breathe, I Hope (c)2011 Edd Pearman

Whilst I Breathe, I Hope (c)2011 Edd Pearman

APT Gallery
14 – 31 March 2013
PV 14 March, 6 – 9pm
Wed to Sun, 12 to 5pm
SLAM last Friday, 29 March

Strange Cargo|Georges House Gallery
12 April to 7 May 2013
PV 12 April, 6 – 9pm
Mon to Sat, 10 to 5pm

Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery
10 May to 29 June 2013
PV 16 May, 6 – 8pm
Tue, Wed, Fri, 9 to 6pm
Thur, 9 to 8pm Sat, 9 to 5pm

Art School Gallery
Colchester/Ipswich Museum

Fall of 2013, Dates to be announced
Tue to Sun, 10 to 5pm

See the TOUR DATES page to find out more details and to see area maps.  Watch for information coming soon on artists/curator talks and more interviews coming up. Also read and download the news release on the PRESS RELEASE page. We hope to see you there!

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Dr Gregg, Art Pie and Kaleidoscope Gallery

This ‘Me’ of Mine has some new partners and participants to announce.

Dr Aiden GreggI am very pleased to introduce Dr Aiden Gregg, lecturer and member of the Personality and Social Psychology Research Group and the Centre for Research on Self & Identity (CRSI) at the University of Southampton.  Dr Gregg will be a panellist on the symposium and he brings a fascinating element to the panel in his interest in the phenomenon of self-enhancement.  his current research asks if the motive to verify one’s identity exists.  Read more about him and his work on the SYMPOSIUM  page.

Art Pie logoI’m very proud to report Art Pie is now our media partner! You may have seen some of the essays I’ve written for Art Pie on topics related to This ‘Me’ of Mine.  You can now find the growing list of essays on the new ESSAYS page.  While you’re there pop over to the SPONSORS page to find out more about Art Pie.  Stay tuned, a new essay is coming soon to Art Pie on value and purpose in relation to the upcoming interview with Kate Murdoch, What Are You Prepared to Give in Exchange?

Kent County Council logoAnd last but certainly not least, I’m very honoured to announce we have a fourth venue – Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery! Kaleidoscope Gallery is a beautiful contemporary space run by Kent County Council and is situated within the same building as the library and museum in Sevenoaks.  This serves to break-down the traditional barriers between these cultural institutions bringing innovative contemporary art to new audiences.

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Venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine Announced!

Fall seven times, stand up eight.  ~Japanese Proverb

The search for venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine has been one of the biggest challenges so far in this project.  The hours spent writing proposals often ended in failed deliveries, delayed deliveries, deliveries made without a breath to spare, rejection after rejection and sometimes a deafening silence from the other end…

Thanks to support from everyone involved in this project, and some good friends on the sidelines, I was able to stand up after each failed attempt and move forward.  My sincere thanks to each and everyone of you for your generous support, encouragement and suggestions!

Without further ado, the venues for This ‘Me’ of Mine are:

A.P.T. Gallery, Deptford

Strange Cargo/Georges House Gallery, Folkestone

Colchester/Ipswich Museum, Ipswich

I am very proud to be working with these venues and my sincere thanks to each one for selecting This ‘Me’ of Mine.  Each venue is engaged in valuable work for their communities and in bring substantial and important art to their constituents.  It is an honour to selected.

Find more details about the venues on the VENUES page.

Exhibition dates have been reserved for Spring of 2013 and will be announced in the new year.

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Catching up with Summertime

Summertime is the time for fun in the sun – right?  It’s also the time for some great art activity and the artists of This ‘Me’ of Mine have been very active.  They’ve also been busy composing their thoughts in several new blogs, see the list below.  Here are the highlights of some of their recent and upcoming activity:

Annabel Dover:

'Marshall & Snellgrove' (c)2011 Annabel Dover

Marshall & Snellgrove, (c)2011 Annabel Dover, cyanotype on paper

Golden Thread Gallery

Royal Academy Summer Show
Curated and selected by Tess Jaray

Fringe Arts Bath

Santorini Biennale
Santorini, Greece

Kate Murdoch:

'10x10' (c)2008-2012 Kate Murdoch

10 x 10, (c)2008-2012 Kate Murdoch

Coastal Currents Arts Festival
Stade Hall, Old Town, Hastings

Exhibition of 10×10:
19 – 21 September 2012, 4 to 7pm

Artist Talk:
19 September 2012, 7pm

Object Swap:
22 September 2012, 5 to 8pm

David Riley:

sonnet 84, colouring shakespeare (c)2012 David Riley

sonnet 84, colouring shakespeare, (c)2012 David Riley

HEADLINE: 99 days of colour coding the news
Online Exhibition at: http://virtual.codedimages.com/headline/

SONNET: colouring Shakespeare
Online Exhibition at: http://virtual.codedimages.com/colouring-shakespeare/

Anthony Boswell:

Marker (c)2012 Anthony Boswell

Marker, (c)2012 Anthony Boswell

Reading Room
Little Berlin, Philadelphia, USA
Curated by Becky Huff Hunter

Reside Residency
The Reside Residency is inspired in equal parts by the notions contained within Xavier de Maistre’s ‘Voyage around my Room’ and the founders inability to find a suitable residency for an individual with familial and professional responsibilities.

Hayley Harrison:

Portrait (c)2012 Hayley Harrison

Portrait (c)2012 Hayley Harrison

Hayley has been painting portraits at several art fairs this summer.  Here is a list of some of the fairs she’s attended:

 Faircharm Summer Fair

Dandy Lion Market

Mayton Street Festival part of Holloway Arts Festival 2012

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden part of Dalston Flower Show – Chelsea Fringe

New Blogs:

David Minton: It’s a Hiding to Nothing
Kate Murdoch: Keeping it Going
Sandra Crisp: Work in Progress
Anthony Boswell: ‘Et in Arcadia Ego’ – Beyond Painting

The project is also starting to get some press attention. Anthony’s interview was mentioned in The Arts and Crafts Gazette in June. In July Perrick Senelaer editor of Art Pie invited me to be a contributor and write about This ‘Me’ of Mine. It gives me a unique opportunity to write about the project from a different perspective and I hope will offer further insights into issues surrounding This ‘Me’ of Mine. I have an article coming up for Art Pie on my interview with Shireen Qureshi.  Our interview will be posted here in the next few days,  so watch for that. And last week, @an_artnews mentioned me in a tweet with some other very exciting groups and individuals making a mark on the UK arts scene, I was very honoured. As a result the project has gained some new followers.

So if you are enjoying the developing content, help us spread the word. You can follow the project by clicking on the ‘follow this blog via email‘ button or the ‘follow@thismeofmine‘ button just below the list of tweets. Leave us a comment too, we’d love to chat with you. If you would like to support the project have a look at our BOOKSHOP for books which have inspired the artists of This ‘Me’ of Mine, commissions from book sales go to fund the project.

Thanks very much to everyone who is watching!

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Cathy Lomax and Kate Murdoch in Diamond Geezer at WW Gallery

Diamond Geezer
16 May – 9 June
WW Gallery, 34/35 Hatton Garden EC1N 8DX
Open Weds – Fri 11 – 6pm; Sat 11 – 4pm
11-4pm on Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th JuneFree EntryCathy Lomax, Alex Michon, Dick Jewell, Sadie Hennessy, Boa Swindler, Siobhan Barr, Imogen Welch, Paul Kindersley, Enzo Marra, Deb Covell, Lisa Muten, Alli Sharma, Matt Day, Sardine & Tobleroni, Wendy Elia, Kate Murdoch, Chiara Williams.In commemoration of the Jubilee year, the WW Gallery are pleased to present ‘Diamond Geezer’, a group show of works responding to the imagery and iconography of the Queen throughout her reign.

For More Information go to WW Gallery

Note to editors:
Curated by Debra Wilson & Chiara Williams
For more information please contact Chiara Williams & Debra Wilson at wwgallery@gmail.com or Francesca Brooks at francesca.a.brooks@gmail.com.

Cathy Lomax, ‘A Taste of Honey’, 2008, acrylic on paper, 152x122cm
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Melanie Titmuss in ‘Supersaturation’ at The Crypt Gallery

Melanie Titmuss will be exhibiting in Supersaturation opening

June 8th at The Crypt Gallery:

(Stay tuned, my interview with Melanie is coming soon!)

Supersaturation poster

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No, No, No, Kate Murdoch exhibits with Shape Open 2012

No No No by Kate Murdoch

'No No No' by Kate Murdoch

Shape Open 2012

Kate Murdoch has been accepted to Shape Open 2012, a visual arts competition that asks disabled and non-disabled artists to respond to ‘disability’.

“I think the reason this exhibition might raise a few eyebrows is an element of confusion over the meaning of Disability Arts. To make Disability Arts within the Disability Arts Movement framework, you had to be making work about disability and the artist had to be a disabled person.

But disability arts outside the movement is a conceptual term and refers to the work having some sort of conceptual relation to the meaning of disability and this doesn’t mean you have to have a disability to be able to respond with validity to the subject. This is part of the reason why we opened the exhibition up to disabled and non-disabled people because this is a survey of contemporary disability arts and not a survey of the types of artists who made it.”

Ben Fredericks, Shape programme officer and co-curator for Shape Open interviewed by Trish Wheately.

The exhibition runs through May 6th at Portobello Gallery, Notting Hill W10 5XL.  Awards presented May 3rd at 6:30pm.

Rise Art Featured Artist

And I’ve been selected to be a Featured Artist on Rise Art!  Follow the link to see my work for sale – or rent it, and take it for a spin!

becoming (c)2010 Jane Boyer

'becoming' (c)2010 Jane Boyer

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This ‘Me’ of Mine Symposium

I have been hard at work the last two months writing scads of exhibition proposals and grant proposals – and I’m not finished yet. But I’ve just finished the largest, most complex and the most important grant proposal for the project. In working my way through that, several things have fallen into place – significantly the proposed symposium in conjunction with the exhibition.

I’m very proud and honoured to announce three of the four invited experts have agreed to be on the panel and the fourth may join us yet!

The panel members are:

Dr David Jones photoDr David Jones, Director of the new Visual Culture initiative at the University of Exeter.  His current research interests focus on visual culture, in particular installation art and the archive and the visual coding of trauma and testimony. He is currently exploring contemporary theories and representations of the archive, especially in visual culture.  He co-organised a one-day workshop at Exeter in May 2011,  Repositioning Memory: between the Archive and the Rubbish Heap.

Dr Claire Hart photoDr Claire Hart, Lecturer and Researcher with Centre for Research on Self and Identity at the University of Southampton. Her research largely focuses on self and identity. The self is an important point of contact between theories of social behaviour and personality. For example, according to self-categorization theory, the self can be defined at different levels; in terms of an individual self (as a unique individual) and a collective self (the self as a group member), and her research focuses on these levels of self-categorization.

Annabel Dover photoAnnabel Dover, Artist and PhD Fine Art candidate at Wimbledon College of Art, explores the social relationships that are mediated through objects.  She explores the relationships we have with objects that simultaneously confound and support emotional expression. The personal narratives imposed upon objects often provide a hidden expression for the breakdown in human relationships and the overlapping, disparate and disjointed memories and emotions that they reflect.  As a result, her work is specifically engineered to be overlapping, mythical, disparate and disjointed.

See the Symposium page for more info.  Follow the development of this project by following us on Twitter and becoming a follower of this blog, see below.  If you would like to support this project contact me at: ThisMeofMine@gmail.com

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David Minton exhibits in Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum

David Minton has three works in the Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum at Kaleidoscope Gallery, see details below.  He also has a recently published review on a-n Interface of Plastic Propaganda at the Grange Tower Hill Hotel.

And if you’re browsing through This ‘Me’ of Mine, be sure to see the recent comments on the Artworks page, they’re well worth a read!  We would love to talk to you.  Leave us a comment and be sure to check ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’  below the area where you write your comment so you can see the responses.  Follow this blog to keep up with developments and more great artist interviews to come.  We appreciate all our followers!  Thank you!

Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum Exhibition 22 Mar – 12 May

20th March 2012
Mixed show at the Kaleidoscope Gallery Sevenoaks
Pigeon and Line (detail) (c)2011 David Minton
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Edd Pearman at John Jones

John Jones and Rise Art are pleased to present ‘Lágrima’, a series of prints by British contemporary artist Edd Pearman at John Jones Front of House space throughout March 2012.

Edd has previously exhibited his work at the Royal Academy, RCA Secret Event, and the John Jones Project Space in 2009. His latest series of work has recently been published by Rise Art.

Lágrima IV, part of a series of works focusing on bullfighters, captures a moment in time in which these grand, decorated men are left vulnerable. There is a sensitivity to the images which focuses on the flow of the materials, the detail of the uniforms and the gently falling bodies while neglecting to show the violence of their injuries.

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