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This ‘Me’ of Mine is open in Sevenoaks

This post was written Friday, May 17th the day after our opening in Sevenoaks, but due to preparing for my imminent return home to France, its publication was delayed.

This 'Me' of Mine opening at Kaleidoscope Gallery

This ‘Me’ of Mine is open in Sevenoaks! We had an enthusiastic group and a lively discussion of ‘space’ for the ‘Artists in Conversation’ at Kaleidoscope Gallery. Melanie Titmuss and David Minton discussed how space functioned in their work, but more importantly how they perceived their own space and how their responses to that space manifested in their work. For example, Melanie felt the most significant relationship to space in her painting, Woman with Cardigan, was in the actual anonymous encounter she experienced with the woman in the painting; the experience of occupying space and proximity with this individual.

Installation 2_lo resSeveral questions regarding space and curating were raised by our guests, questioning my decisions for placement of the works in the gallery space. These questions were particularly welcome because it gave me a chance to discuss some of the reasons and influences behind my decisions. I was very pleased to explain why I had chosen to place Shireen Qureshi’s Untitled Nude flush against the edge of a blacked-out window in the gallery.

David Minton denied any attempt to convey meaning in his work but many friends and fellow artists at the opening expressed feelings of contemplative spirituality when looking at his Peripherial Vision. I agreed and confirmed my decision to hang David’s piece high in a position suggestive of spiritual meditation for those very reasons. You’ll get to see some of these discussions soon. Henrietta Thomas is videotaping the ‘Artists in Conversation’ discussions and producing 20 to 30 minute clips.

This 'Me' of Mine installation at Kaleidoscope GalleryFor me, the challenge of re-curating and re-configuring the exhibition for each venue space has been immensely rewarding. I’ve had an opportunity to delve deep into these works and into the project premise exploring and developing many of the significant themes underpinning the project. Each venue has presented particular opportunities:

APT allowed for the visualisation and physical manifestation of ‘context’ in the project premise – ‘self in relation to context’ through the space given to the works.

The space at Strange Cargo brought the works into personal proximity, meaning visitors were eye to eye with the pieces and experienced them within their own personal space.

Kaleidoscope has given me a chance to make groupings and tell stories; stories of memory, loss and longing | age and nostalgia | social strictures and the demands of a global reality | psychology, physicality and the pervasiveness of the influence of time.

What awaits? The Art School Gallery at Colchester Ipswich Museum with 10 galleries on two floors surrounding a hexagonal atrium. This ‘Me’ of Mine in all that space!

Coming September 21st, 2013 to January 5th, 2014.

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Dr Gregg, Art Pie and Kaleidoscope Gallery

This ‘Me’ of Mine has some new partners and participants to announce.

Dr Aiden GreggI am very pleased to introduce Dr Aiden Gregg, lecturer and member of the Personality and Social Psychology Research Group and the Centre for Research on Self & Identity (CRSI) at the University of Southampton.  Dr Gregg will be a panellist on the symposium and he brings a fascinating element to the panel in his interest in the phenomenon of self-enhancement.  his current research asks if the motive to verify one’s identity exists.  Read more about him and his work on the SYMPOSIUM  page.

Art Pie logoI’m very proud to report Art Pie is now our media partner! You may have seen some of the essays I’ve written for Art Pie on topics related to This ‘Me’ of Mine.  You can now find the growing list of essays on the new ESSAYS page.  While you’re there pop over to the SPONSORS page to find out more about Art Pie.  Stay tuned, a new essay is coming soon to Art Pie on value and purpose in relation to the upcoming interview with Kate Murdoch, What Are You Prepared to Give in Exchange?

Kent County Council logoAnd last but certainly not least, I’m very honoured to announce we have a fourth venue – Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery! Kaleidoscope Gallery is a beautiful contemporary space run by Kent County Council and is situated within the same building as the library and museum in Sevenoaks.  This serves to break-down the traditional barriers between these cultural institutions bringing innovative contemporary art to new audiences.

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David Minton exhibits in Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum

David Minton has three works in the Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum at Kaleidoscope Gallery, see details below.  He also has a recently published review on a-n Interface of Plastic Propaganda at the Grange Tower Hill Hotel.

And if you’re browsing through This ‘Me’ of Mine, be sure to see the recent comments on the Artworks page, they’re well worth a read!  We would love to talk to you.  Leave us a comment and be sure to check ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’  below the area where you write your comment so you can see the responses.  Follow this blog to keep up with developments and more great artist interviews to come.  We appreciate all our followers!  Thank you!

Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum Exhibition 22 Mar – 12 May

20th March 2012
Mixed show at the Kaleidoscope Gallery Sevenoaks
Pigeon and Line (detail) (c)2011 David Minton
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David Minton reviews Beta Version 2.0 at Kaleidoscope Gallery and Kate Murdoch is interviewed by Artist Talking editor, Andrew Bryant

To Heal by Ruth Geldard

To Heal, Ruth Geldard, wax, found tree section

Beta Version 2.0

Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks
19 January – 10 March 2012

In addition to blogging, David Minton has reviewed a number of exhibitions at the Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks Library.

His latest review of ‘Beta 2.0’ is among those chosen by a-n guest selector Alessandro Vincentelli, Curator of Exhibitions & Research at BALTIC in Gateshead, to be featured in the March edition of a-n Magazine, Reviews section.

Ruth Geldard’s three pieces begin with verbs – ‘To smother’  ‘To Heal’ ‘To Secrete’. My male gaze lacks confidence here. To Smother? Smothering? (S)mothering? My mother?  Smother the mother? Smothering is a gentle art, but oh so insistent. Brings back memories. From a distance, ‘To Smother’ is an over sized confection on the wall. Get closer and it has the appearance of a section of tree-trunk overwhelmed by sweet pinkness; its enamel surface a contradiction. Invited by the artist to touch the work, my visual enamel is shattered by the shocking sensation of clammy skin. First reactions are of eye and hand reading different stories, but second thoughts suggest that the differences live through their associations. The eye touches more easily than the hand? My male gaze backs off a little…

Read the full review here.

Read David’s blog Dead and Dying Flowers on a-n Artists Talking.

Kate Murdoch is interviewed by Andrew Bryant

Hame by Kate Murdoch

Hame (c)2009 Kate Mudoch, courtesy the artist

And speaking of Artists Talking, editor Andrew Bryant’s latest blogger interview is with our Kate Murdoch.  They discuss art as a second career and the challenges and benefits of not going to art school.

AB: You are one of the few artists I know who hasn’t been through the art education system. Do you think that puts you at an advantage or a disadvantage?

KM: I think the short answer to that is a bit of both. My feelings fluctuate and I waver between thinking that an art education might be really worthwhile to wondering if I would personally gain all that much from it.

I’d say one of the main advantages for me of not having had a formal art education is that I’ve had the freedom to work organically and develop my practice at my own pace. I like to think that my art isn’t formulaic. I haven’t been taught how to make it; I work intuitively, so it comes from the heart.  I’ve heard some people speak about having the creativity knocked out of them through attending an art institution. I can’t say whether this would have happened to me had I gone, but I do know that as things stand, my creative flow has remained largely uninterrupted.

Read Blogger Interview: Kate Murdoch.

Read Kate’s latest post on her blog Keeping it Together, one she says will be her last.

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