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Symposium Dates and Other Intriguing Topics for Discussion


This ‘Me’ of Mine Symposium:


2 November, 2013, 2 to 4pm

Ipswich Art School Gallery
1 Upper High Street
Ipswich IP1 3NE

Video still, 'Shout Blue', from 'Trampoline' (c)2006 Kai-Oi Jay Yung

Video still, ‘Shout Blue’, from ‘Trampoline’ (c)2006 Kai-Oi Jay Yung

In partnership with our four venues, APT, Strange Cargo, Kaleidoscope Gallery and Colchester+Ipswich Museums, I’m very pleased to announce the dates for our This ‘Me’ of Mine Symposium: Identity in the Digital Age.

In an age when we often interact with an object before communicating with another person, where memory is under siege by transience, media overload and the culture of the spectacle, and communication is less and less ‘face to face’ its’ no wonder we feel lost.

Join us this Fall for a discussion on the effects social media communications are having on our identity. We’ll discuss the importance memory has to identity construction, touch on the alarming rise of narcissism, and explore the relationship we have to objects in expressing ourselves.

Visit the SYMPOSIUM page to find out more about our distinguished panel members, Dr David Houston Jones, Annabel Dover, Dr Aiden Gregg and Dr Catherine Horan. They bring a wealth of experience and insight to these topics.

Seats are limited. Please go to the TICKETS page for more information or click this button Eventbrite - This 'Me' of Mine Symposium: Identity in the Digital Age to purchase tickets now. Tickets are £15 plus a £1.55 Eventbrite booking fee.


How do I read this?

A new look at art appreciation and audience participation

25 September 2013, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Ipswich Art School Gallery
1 Upper High Street
Ipswich IP1 3NE

Still from 'Artists in Conversation at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery' for This 'Me' of Mine, filmed and edited by Henrietta Thomas

Still from ‘Artists in Conversation at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery’ for This ‘Me’ of Mine, filmed and edited by Henrietta Thomas

During our stay at Georges House Gallery in Folkestone this Spring, I had a fascinating critical debate with gallery visitor, Jeremy Wilson. He raised some important issues about viewing art from the perspective of the ‘audience’. I was very grateful for Jeremy’s willingness to address these issues with me because, not only did he have a chance to express some of his frustrations of the viewing experience, it gave me a chance to express some of my own views on this important relationship – the viewer and art. As a result of this valuable exchange, when invited to give a curator’s talk for the show in Ipswich, I suggested I combine it with a development of this discourse. The result is How do I read this?

Please join us for a closer look at the expanded This ‘Me’ of Mine exhibition and a discussion of how society and information delivery changes the way we interact with art. Viewing is not passive, and because it isn’t, it should evolve along with changes in art production.

Space is limited. Please book in advance on 01473 433691 or by stopping by Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich. Tickets are £8 through the museum. See the TICKETS page for more information.


Artists in Conversation: IRRATIONALITY

21 September 2013, 2 to 3 pm, during the exhibition opening

Ipswich Art School Gallery
1 Upper High Street
Ipswich IP1 3NE

Iris' Stocking (c)2011 Annabel Dover

Iris’ Stocking (c)2011 Annabel Dover

And last but not least, the final instalment of our Artists in Conversation Series. These have been engaging discussions between the artists, gallery visitors and myself on topics involved with the artists’ work; a deeper look at the work, curatorial decisions and a chance to question and discuss issues directly with the artists and curator. These topics have been “Details”, “Symbology”, “Space” and now for Ipswich, “Irrationality”. How do the artists use irrationality in their work? What consequences have they discovered by working with issues of irrationality? How have I worked with irrationality as curator for the exhibitions?

We’ll be talking with Annabel Dover, Darren Nixon and David Riley. Each artist is working with very different modes of irrationality: Annabel with the expression of emotion, Darren with the effects of media overload, and David with communications through codes. These are informal discussions and everyone is welcome to join the discussion. Henrietta Thomas will be taping as usual.

You can see our videos from Strange Cargo, Folkestone and Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery on our YouTube Channel

This is a FREE event.

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